Why Tango?

Here are my 3 reasons for trying Argentine Tango…

  1. It’s a Creative Outlet: Tango is a social dance. What does that mean? It means that unlike a ballroom dance, where you have one partner, the focus is on participation rather than performance. You can dance with anyone and everyone and have a good time! Every dancer is different, and this means we dance and create differently from one partner to the next. Argentine Tango is based on improvisation, and that keeps it interesting and challenging!
  2. The Community: Our community in Portland, Maine is warm and welcoming. It’s an amazing, social space full of good souls! If you’re new to town, or simply looking to connect with other people of all ages and backgrounds… tango could be the place for you!
  3. It’s Exercise! Tango is an activity too. Not only does it feed the soul with a loving and caring community and creative musical expression, but it keeps us more active and healthy!

What are you waiting for??
Join us every Wednesday from 7:30-10pm at 614 Congress Street for the community tango practice.
$5pp and no partner is needed!!

PS: Sometimes there is a class from 6:30/7:00-7:30pm. Just contact us if you wish to know more.

— Jewel

pmtabout2@Maine Ballroom on the Wednesday Night Practica