Robin Graeme Thomas

Classes offered:

Tango Bootcamp! Great for beginning, and newer dance levels! Reve up your skills quickly in just a weekend with Robin, who is the most influential tango teacher in North America!

Venue: 614 Congress Street, Portland, ME
Times: Saturday 1-4pm (small break in the middle) and Sunday 1-2:30pm (wrap up and final details). Please be 5-10min early, allowing time to find parking and get your shoes on (or shoes off if you’re wearing socks), so we can start class on time.

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, June 14th – 15th

Pricing for the bootcamp: $50 walk-in
$40 if you pre-register
$30 for student with valid ID

Pre-register Here!

Regular All Levels Classes:

Class #1: 2:30 – 3:45pm “Cross System Rock Steps with Changes of Direction”
Class #2: 4:00pm – 5:15pm “Milonga”

$20pp per class

*****Private Lessons are Available! Please schedule with Jewel click here


A well-known and respected dancer and DJ, Robin’s enthusiasm for Argentine tango can be seen most clearly in his wholehearted dedication to teaching. He believes that it is very important for students to dance simply and musically from the very beginning. Building that strong base of connection and musicality early, Robin believes, will allow even very new beginners to feel comfortable and confident on a crowded dance floor and will also lead to a more comprehensive and fluid understanding of more complicated techniques later on. Robin’s teaching style reflects this philosophy, and his students appreciate the humorous but still down-to-earth way he presents the material.

Robin’s travel schedule is a busy one, reflecting his growing popularity as a teacher and tango DJ. Recently, he has taught in Portland, Denver, Ann Arbor, Washington DC, Seattle, Berlin, Edinburgh, San Diego, Providence, Pittsburgh and at the universities, Yale, Princeton, and Cornell.

When he is not traveling, Robin stays busy in his hometown of New York City teaching classes or DJing. On the rare occasion that he is neither teaching or DJing, Robin can always be seen on the dance floor, either working to expand his own understanding of Argentine tango, or simply enjoying the connection he works so hard to share with others.

Robin hosts the hugely popular Nocturne the third Saturday of each month.