Michelle Lamb


Tango Bootcamp! Great for beginning, and newer dance levels! Reve up your skills quickly in just one weekend!

Venue: 614 Congress Street, Portland, ME
Times: Saturday 10am-1:30pm (small break in the middle). 3 hours of class!  Please be 5-10min early, allowing time to find parking and get your shoes on (or shoes off if you’re wearing socks), so we can begin on time.

Dates: Saturday, August 25th

Pricing for the bootcamp: $40 walk-in
$30 if you pre-register
$25 for student with valid ID

Pre-register Here!

All-Levels Workshops:

Wednesday, August 22nd: 6:30 – 7:30pm, All Levels class before Practica! Topic: “Deep . Dive into the Tango Hug” $15pp

Friday, August 24rd: 6:00 – 7:30pm, Technique Class for both Roles! “Alignments and Mechanics of Movement: What we do in our bodies is very much the same; the roles we play and our timing varies accordingly.  The healthier we all are in our moving bodies the better we can join and accompany one another.  The end result being comfort and fluidity.”  $25pp. No partner needed. Venue: 500 Forrest Ave (parking around back. Red door. Also known as Center for Maine Tai Chi studio)

Saturday, August 25th: 2:00-3:30pm. Follower Technique Class!  “From the Embrace to the Floor: We will work on the Still point of the embrace and using friction from any surface to create spirals and pivots on the standing leg.  This will bring more freedom, activity and peace of mind to the follower role. Aka: Spirals in the Body.”  $25pp. No partner needed!  All genders welcome! Venue: 614 Congress Street, Maine Ballroom Dance


**Private Lessons are Available!** Please schedule with Jewel click here


With an eclectic dance background of 20 years, the heart of Michelle’s teaching philosophy lies in executing movement that is anatomically correct and, therefore, with ease.  Incidentally, this creates movement that is not only beautiful but has longevity. By focusing on body alignment, efficiency of movement and connection, all begin to functioning properly, and the rest is easy!  Michelle is known for creating a warm and nurturing environment for learning, bringing along a wonderful sense of humor. Her goal when seeing all those in a class is to create a supportive opportunity for them to interact, providing students with tools to make their own growth and discernment. She is looking forward to coming to Maine and being part of this special community.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Michelle took her first steps in dance at the age of 6 at the world renowned San Francisco School of Ballet and continued with such greats as David Howard in NYC and modern with Eric Hawkins eventually performing with the ensemble. Her dance experience can only be described as eclectic, ranging from modern, jazz, flamenco, hula and theatre dance. Michelle spent many years touring with famous Musical Artists such as Liza Minelli in prestigious venues like Prince Albert Royal Hall inLondon, Off Broadway theaters in NYC, Stadiums and Arenas in Europe, South America and the US. Her interest in partner dancing led her to competitive ballroom dancing and the more acrobatic style of theatrical dancing in which she garnered many awards including a North American Championship. Michelle has also been reviewed well by the NY Times as a choreographer for off-broadway productions and has assisted with choreography for the Live Televised shows Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Michelle has appeared on major network TV as well as movies, commercials, magazine fashion spreads, night club shows and theatrical productions nationally and internationally.

Michelle discovered tango and traveled to learn and dance all over the US and in Argentina. For 8 years she dedicated her life to teaching and dancing tango with her former partner, Murat Erdemsel. Their world renowned partnership has been recognized in the most prestigious Tango events in the USA and Europe including the Portland Tango Festivals in the States, Tango Magia in Holland, Brussels Tango Festival in Belgium and many, many more. Michelle became a sought-after teacher throughout the world, teaching with a simplicity, clarity and infectious joy that inspired students in finding their own unique style in this improvisational dance.